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Zimnat Asset Management offers investment, management and advisory services to corporates, pension funds and individuals. By working with the clients to understand their financial goals the objective is to deliver attractive investments returns while managing risk and at all times keeping clients informed. Zimnat Asset management has been ranked as the 2nd best performing asset manager over the last three years (based on cumulative return)

Zimnat Asset Management Company (Private) Limited (ZAM), is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zimnat Life Assurance Company Limited. The Company was incorporated in 1998 as an investment arm of the Zimnat Group. It started off as a department responsible for investing excess funds for Zimnat Life Assurance Company and Zimnat Lion Insurance Company until a strategic decision was taken to register it as a separate legal entity to conduct the business of asset management, unit trusts, investment advisory and treasury. The Zimnat Insurance Group was founded in 1946 as the insurance Company of Rhodesia Limited (ICR). The company was primarily a provider of short-term insurance products. In 1959, the Assurance Company of Rhodesia was born as a new business unit of ICR providing life assurance products. TA Holdings Limited took over ICR in 1969. TA Holdings Limited is a diversified industrial group with interests in insurance, hotels and fertilizer manufacturing and FMCG manufacturing.

ZAM commenced its Unit Trusts and Fund Management business in 2001 following receipt of an operating license from the Registrar of Collective Investment Schemes. Since then, ZAM has evolved into a reputable Asset Management Company managing the investment portfolios of a significant number of pension funds, insurance companies and brokers, medical aid funds, small and large corporates and private individuals.

Corporate Governance

ZAM is committed to effective and transparent corporate governance in running its own business.
We aim to be transparent in all our activities and reports and strive to follow best practice in day to day operations.
ZAM’s Board of Directors is led by an Independent Non-Executive Chairperson, and overall has 3 Non-Executive Independent Directors, 2 Non-Executive Directors from Sanlam and Masawara and finally the Managing Director.
Also as an investor on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange we look for companies with financial strength and sound corporate governance practices in which to invest.

Zimnat Asset Management Company (Private) Limited realizes the importance of managing both internal and external risks and the need to comply with the various provisions governing the operations of asset management companies. To this end, the board has put in place adequate corporate governance structures and procedures for managing risk. The board structures also ensure adequate compliance with recommendations from corporate governance authorities.

ZAM’s management team operates within parameters and limits approved by the Board of Directors. The board directs management though various structures, including board committees, which have appropriate delegated authorities. However, the existence of Board committees does not imply a fragmentation or diminution of the responsibilities of the board as a whole.

The company has a strong risk control and awareness culture directed by an independent Risk and Compliance Committee of the board. This committee is comprised solely of independent non-executive directors. In addition, a risk and compliance executive, who reports directly to the board through the Risk and Compliance Committee, was appointed to monitor and enforce corporate governance, risk management and compliance processes within the company.

The Committee comprises only of non-executive directors, a majority of whom are independent directors including an independent chairperson, who is not the chairperson of the board. The Committee reviews the integrity of the company’s financial reporting and oversees the independence of the external auditors. It meets often enough to undertake its role effectively and keeps minutes of its meetings and there are ordinarily included in the papers for the next full board meeting after each audit committee meeting.

The Zimnat Asset Management Company (Private) Limited Committee ensures that the level and composition of executive remuneration is sufficient and reasonable and that its relationship to corporate and individual performance is defined. The Committee consists of three members, the majority being independent directors and is chaired by an independent director.

Segregation of duties – the company is divided into three operating departments, via-a-vis; front office (dealing and trading), middle office (investment administration) and back office (accounting and major control environment). Each department has a complete responsibility, which checks and balances with the other two.

For clients who invest large sums of money with Zimnat Asset Management Company (Private) Limited, there is a provision for the formation of a joint investment committee with the client. This committee can then decide on the discretion to be enjoyed by the wealth management team.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy combines modern portfolio management techniques with insights from Behavioural Finance and Psychology. The result is an investment strategy that is truly tailored to an investor’s circumstances, objectives and financial personality. We offer a service that is proactive, informed and adapted to each client's individual specification, based on our customized global reporting system.

Our Approach

Through focusing on your investment behaviour and looking at your fund in its entirety, we can create a customized strategy that’s truly built around each investor’s needs.

  • Research and Strategy - Understanding the global financial markets, and their linkages to the Zimbabwean economy and its financial markets, from an investment perspective.
  • Asset Allocation - Creating optimal, diversified portfolios through using your unique financial personality to determine the asset allocation that best suits your short, medium and long-term risk tolerance.
  • Rebalancing - Adapting your portfolio to the changing environment on the back of fundamental research and technical analysis.
  • Monitoring and reporting - Evaluating the performance of all of your investments in the context of your situation. Our goal is to always ensure that we improve your returns, control risk and keep you informed so that your portfolio remains focused for your requirements.

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