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Zimnat is one of the three biggest insurance companies in Zimbabwe both by balance sheet size and market share position. Zimnat offers exceptional trade credit insurance products with a high level of experience that gives the confidence of long-term financial stability.

Together with our world-class partners Sanlam we have a large reinsurance capacity and direct access to more than 240 million buyers worldwide. We are capable of accommodating your multinational needs. In the current economic environment, achieve peace of mind with a trade credit insurance policy from Zimnat! We give you the security of knowing that your receivables, and your balance sheet, are protected.

How does Trade Credit Insurance Work for your Business?

What is it? Trade credit insurance insures suppliers/traders against the risk of nonpayment of goods or services by their buyers (credit risk). The buyers may be local, regional or international.

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Why should you insure your business  against credit risks? In the current economic environment, peace of mind is a good reason for credit insurance! We give you the security of knowing that your receivables are protected.

 How can trade credit insurance ensure my company’s liquidity? Outstanding receivables are usually the largest or second largest item on a trading company’s balance sheet.  By insuring these receivables against non-payment or late payments, the company ensures its cash flow.

Are trade credit insurance policies standard or tailor made? Trade credit insurance policies are drafted to suit your needs. This makes them unique for each customer

How does credit insurance work as a sales product? Credit insurance may enable you to sell more goods on credit terms while substantially reducing the overall risk of exposure to nonpayment

How do I get a policy? Custom made quotes and policies can be obtained directly from Zimnat.

How can credit insurance work as a financial tool? Lenders recognize that the insolvency of a company’s key customer may jeopardize repayment of a loan. Trade Credit insurance reduces this risk and may result in more favorable lending terms.

Types of  Trade Credit Insurance 

Offered to local suppliers to cover the risk of non-payment when they offer trade credit to local companies.

Offered to exporters to cover the risk of non-payment when they offer trade credit to foreign buyers.

Offered to shipping and freight companies offering services such as an upfront settlement of obligations like industrial confirming, duty & freight charges settlement on behalf of their importing clients.

This also known as Reverse Factoring. It is offered to Trade Finance Companies or Trade Finance Departments of a bank that is willing to settle supplier invoices in advance before the invoice maturity date at a cost. It provides suppliers with access to advantageous financing facilities by leveraging on the buyer’s stronger credit rating.

Offered to trade finance and banks when they conduct invoice discounting and debt factoring services, covering the risk of payment default posed by the underlying debtors on factored or discounted invoices.

How does Trade Credit Insurance Work for your Business?

Offered to service providers against default risk posed by their trade customers.

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