Backed by over 70 years in business, with world-class technical expertise, Zimnat understands that a specialized business requires specific insurance solutions. We offer engineering, construction, farming and marine.

Construction work is risky business, and there are many things that can go wrong with both the construction itself, and the machinery used for construction. Our Construction insurance provides indemnity for loss or damage to the construction works, plant and machinery, and liability to third parties. This is essential in construction projects, and provides peace of mind that should anything go wrong, you are covered for it.

How it works

Construction All Risks

We understand that risks arise when constructing a project or commercial or business premises. Unlike our ‘Assembly All Risks’ this excludes coverage of machinery, equipment or apparatus during the process of installation or construction. Instead, Construction All Risks insures buildings and civil engineering projects against physical damage or destruction.

Key benefits

  • You can choose what is covered by your Construction insurance.
  • Peace of mind that should anything go wrong during construction, you will not be out of pocket.
  • Peace of mind for your clients.

Our engineering insurance solutions are set up to provide strong financial back up for all engineering projects. The flexibility of our solutions and policies is supported by dedicated staff that put your needs first and make us the insurer of choice.

How it works:

Plant All Risk Policy

This covers all mobile equipment or machinery that may be used in construction work including mining machinery, cranes, crushers, wreckers, rollers, front end loaders and other heavy mobile construction machinery. The policy also covers against loss of profits caused by damage to mobile plant machinery or faulty operation of machinery.

Electronic Equipment

We offer corporate cover for sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to electronic equipment, including data and stored information damaged as a result of power surges, fire or theft. Cover also includes computers, storage devices and other office electrical equipment.

Machinery Breakdown

We offer sound peace of mind against operational down time and any subsequent loss of profit through our Machinery Breakdown Cover. It protects against sudden and unforeseen physical loss or damage to machinery that has either been erected, is operational or is at rest. The policy also covers loss of profits caused by damage to mobile plant machinery or the faulty operation of machinery.

Assembly (Erection) All Risks

This insurance protects against physical damage or destruction of machinery, equipment or apparatus used during ‘work in progress’ while in the process of installing or erecting a plant, machinery and or building. We ensure that you build your projects with peace of mind knowing that you are covered against unforeseen circumstances.

We offer a comprehensive range of Farming Cover Products

Pundutso Weather Insurance

Our Pundutso weather insurance policy, which can be combined with our life and funeral policies, covers against a variety of weather risk including drought, floods, hail storms, wind damage, fire loss, fog heat waves and the all-important rainfall deficit.

Rainfall Deficit Cover carries at least 4 triggers:

Trigger 1: Germination Cover

This cover is placed in the sowing period of the crop. We will compensate the farmer if germination does not take place as a result of either too little or too much rainfall. The value of the cover is calculated to match the cost of the sowing period.

Trigger 2: Dry Day Cover

Cover starts at the end of sowing or germination period. It insures the farmer against the possibility of a dry spell within the rainy season that might affect the crop. Maize cover is generally from 15 December to 31 March.

Trigger 3: Flowering Cover

Covers the critical flowering stage of the crop which requires more rainfall. Flowering cover for maize is generally 1st of February to 28th of February.

Trigger 4: Excessive Rainfall Cover (Other Triggers)

Covers excessive rainfall throughout the season or during specific periods. This is a critical period that is usually covered for maize in the last month of the season when any excess rainfall will result in cob rot and eventual loss

For peace of mind from the beginning to end, Crop Insurance covers against fire, theft, goods in transit flooding and other elements from the time of planting until final delivery to buyers or agents’ depots anywhere in Zimbabwe. We cover different crops like tobacco, sorghum, maize, soya beans, paprika etc against risks.

Unpredictable and severe weather conditions pose a significant risk to tobacco growers.  Zimnat General Insurance can provide cover for losses which are as a result of the following:

  • Hail,
  • Windstorm
  • Barn Fire, and
  • Storage and Transit Risks.

Cover starts three weeks after transplanting and continues until final delivery of crop to any tobacco auction in Zimbabwe. Cover can either be on an input basis where a farmer is compensated for input cost, or yield basis where a farmer is reimbursed based on the potential yield. Let us help you protect your investment.

Not only do crops and inputs need to be insured against loss, mechanical machinery and tools also play an important role in farming and therefore should also be protected. We offer farmers insurance for their mechanical utilities so they’re are not at risk of being left stranded when they most need implements. A wide range of implements are covered ranging from combine harvesters, tractors, irrigation instruments to the smallest tools in farming.

Additionally, this insurance includes third party cover to protect against any loss to other parties caused by the insured implements.

Livestock are one of your most valuable assets. Zimnat General Insurance can provide cover to protect your assets in the case of many eventualities. With our Livestock Insurance farmers can focus on the upkeep of their livestock. In addition to insuring against fire, theft, lightning and explosion, cover includes death of livestock killed while anywhere on the premises or, any adjacent premises by arrangement for grazing.

Key benefits:

  • You can choose the exact type of cover to suit your specific farming needs.
  • Peace of mind that your crop, and therefore investment, is covered for all eventualities.
  • Peace of mind that you are covered for weather variations and their effect on your crops.
  • Peace of mind that you are covered from planting through to transport and delivery.

Cover of farm implements and machinery means that you less downtime and risk to crops should you have to source finance to replace them.

Our Marine Insurance policy protects against accidental damage to goods or loss of the ship hull, boats and machinery and third party liabilities arising from use or ownership of such equipment. We cover cargo originating from or to destinations outside our borders while in transit by sea, air and road.

Would you like to be sure that your business is covered against any liability for damages to another property or person caused by your business, or your staff?

Our Directors and Officers liability/ Professional Indemnity is there to protect your business when mistakes are made. It covers your organization against the risk of losses as a result of wrongful doings of directors or officers.  It covers your legal liability to compensate third parties for losses caused by a breach of professional duty, or negligence in the performance of professional duties. Professional Indemnity cover therefore protects you if your clients file a claim against you.

How it works

You can select the limit of cover that we will provide depending on the needs of your business. The cover will provide for any costs that the executive, non-executive directors and officers of the organization are liable to pay, including legal costs. If you don’t have Professional Liability insurance you would have to pay these legal costs out of your own pocket. However, if you are covered by Zimnat General Insurance, the costs are covered up to the limit of your policy.

  • Protects your business against claims for losses by clients or third parties.
  • You decide on the limit of your cover.
  • Covers legal costs up to your selected limit.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Reduces the possibility of an interruption to your business and loss of income from this interruption if you have to defend an allegation.

Though care is taken in appointing a qualified workforce, employees may still commit fraud and theft. Zimnat Fidelity Guarantee Insurance protects you against this.

Everyday employees handle company money, company property and company records. Diverting these into own use is fraud. Fidelity Guarantee covers you against such risk or incident.

Cover applies for the ”Discovery Period” i.e. from the time when the theft or incident is committed and discovered and up to 12 months after termination of policy, or when the guilty party resigns or leaves employment. Cover extends to auditor’s fees incurred in substantiating the amount of loss.

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