A retirement plan for everyone...

Pension plans in the past, were reserved for the few - namely the formally employed and wealthy. The Zimnat Personal Pension Plan is here to change that and has been developed to accommodate everyone. Now you can put away an affordable amount of money every month and make sure that you can retire with peace of mind

We often make the mistake of thinking,

  • “I am an Entrepreneur, I will always be able to find ways to financially support my family, I don’t need any Pension Scheme” OR
  • “I am still young, retirement is miles away”, OR
  • “I do not have an option but to just manage the little that I will get from the Pension Scheme my employer is contributing on my behalf” OR
  • “I am left with just a few years to retirement, it’s too late to start contributing towards a pension” …….… reality often takes a different direction,
  • “I am an Entrepreneur, young and fit today but I will someday be old and unable to run around as much as I do now, I will retire, and I will need at least some form of stable income to take care of myself and my family.”
  • “I am young yes but what if I start planning for my retirement now?”
  • “What happens to my pension if I change jobs? Are there no other schemes I can have to supplement my work pension scheme?”
  • “I am left with just a few years to retirement but half a loaf is better than nothing, it makes a difference.”

It is important not to underestimate the power of planning ahead NOW. Preparing now guarantees the opportunity to live YOUR life the way you intended. No matter where you are now or whichever stage of life you are moving through, it is important to plan for the future by choosing the right pension scheme. There is no better time than the present to set up your Zimnat Shelter Plan.

What is the Zimnat Personal Pension Plan?

The Zimnat Personal Pension Plan is a personal investment managed for you by us, Zimnat Life Assurance Company, to help you save substantial amounts that you can use to buy a fund that will give you a guaranteed income in retirement. In essence it is a plan that provides for your income post retirement.

Pension plans in the past, were reserved for the few namely the formally employed and wealthy. The Zimnat Shelter Plan is here to change that and has been developed to accommodate everyone. Anyone who is self-employed or who earns an income but who can't join an employer plan or anyone who is a member of an employer pension scheme but also earns money somewhere else or would like to supplement the employer pension can get the Zimnat Shelter Plan.

The Zimnat Personal Pension Plan is there to especially enable the self-employed, and employees working for companies not operating a group pension scheme, to build up a pension fund for retirement.

Zimnat Personal Pension Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Anyone over the age 18years and with over 7 years to retirement.

A: Through a financial advisor or visit the ZIMNAT Offices directly.

A: There is a recommended minimum investment of $25 per month.

A: The plan is highly flexible to changes. We will flex the premium and benefit to suit your needs.

A: The greater of fund value and the guaranteed death benefit will be paid to your immediate

A: Guaranteed death benefit and not just death benefit.

What makes the Zimnat Personal Pension Plan the right choice?

  • The Zimnat Personal Pension Plan can move with individuals when they change jobs.
  • The Zimnat Personal Pension Plan does not affect your ability to get a state pension.
  • The minimum age at entry is 18years and maximum age at entry is 63years
  • Premiums are payable monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually in cash, debit order, stop order, via e-transact and mobile money platforms.
  • Minimum premium of $25 per month is applicable
  • Death Benefit -
  • Ill-health early retirement options are available.
  • Premiums can be escalated at 2.5%, 5%, 7.5%, and 10% per annum.
  • Premium reductions can also be made.
  • Policy holders can opt to increase annual premiums or make ad hoc lump sum additional contributions.

The Zimnat Personal Pension Plan is the wise way to get a lump sum when you retire and an income for life that allows you to live truly comfortably.

Benefits of the Zimnat Personal Pension Plan

Tax Relief

• If you are earning an income, you will get tax relief on your contributions to your pension that you would not get from any other forms of savings. In fact, the taxman is very generous when it comes to the Zimnat Shelter plan, adding to your pension every time you pay money in. You don’t have to pay capital gains tax on your Zimnat Shelter Plan and the government provides tax relief on your Personal Pension contributions.
• You don't have to pay tax on the growth of your pension fund.
• When you retire you can take part of your pension fund as a tax-free cash lump sum.

Flexibility to determine your premiums

• Make additional contributions for early retirement benefits.
• Your Pension benefits are creditor protected under pension legislation

Planned Savings

• You are forced to make savings to ensure that you are financially covered for your life after retirement.
• A great way to save for your retirement

Tailor made contributions

• Affordable contributions suitable to your income level.
• Straightforward investing, with a proven track record.
• It comes with low charges and guaranteed standards.
• Simple and easy to set up.

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