Meet Musa

Musa Zimnat Chatbot_LRZimnat is delighted to introduce our very own chatbot and newest member of the team - Musa! In our quest to always "make life better" for our customers, we have developed Musa to help handle queries in real-time so you get the answers you want, when you want. If you don't have the time to come into our branch or fill out a web-based form, then Musa is here to help you.

It's easy to get started - just say Hi and ask your question, and Musa will respond back straight away. Musa our chatbot has the answers to pretty much any question that you might have....except of course what to buy for Christmas or who will win the soccer match this weekend!  And behind Musa is a whole team of customer care agents that are also on hand to help, just in case Musa isn't quite sure on the answer.

Contact Us

Zimnat House
Cnr 3rd St & Nelson Mandela
P.O Box 2417

Life Assurance
+263 242 701179/80

General Insurance
+263 242 707582/3/5/6

+263 242 701179/80

18 Wakefield Road

+263 242 707581-6

Zimnat Asset Management
17 Plover Road Mt Pleasant
P.O Box 2417

+263 242 884351/883195
+263 242 882827/883995

Life Assurance:
Suite 7, Manica Centre
118 Herbert Chitepo Street
+263 20 61609/61237

General Insurance:
Suite 2, Manica Centre
118 Herbert Chitepo Street
+263 20 61609/61237

Minerva House
Cnr 14th Ave & G Silundika St

+263 292 76431-3
+263 292 880678-9

N Richards Building
First Floor, Suite 407/408
R.G Mugabe Way

+263 39 262186
+263 39 263228

Shop A
First Floor Pumula Centre
MIPF Building
Parkway Road

+263 83 2846988

Stanbic House
Stanbic House
45 Nelson Mandela Way

+263 55 25379