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Your cover will include accidental damage, fire or any act of nature, theft, intentional damage as well as third party liability. With processing times of less than 24 hours for claims, you can’t go wrong with Zimant General Insurance.

This is the most extensive and widest form of motor insurance cover. It covers accidental damage to your vehicle, third party property damage, bodily injury or death. In other words, it covers damages to your company’s cars and covers the expenses of damage or injury to any other person or property. The policy will also cover fire and theft to the company vehicles or to third party as a result of your or driver’s actions. This cover also includes the benefits of Motor Vehicle Emergency Services/ Roadside assistance, Funeral cash assistance and Emergency accommodation. This cover ensures that a third party is compensated for damage to them or their vehicle as a result of the driver’s action.

This cover ensures that your company is covered against vehicle fire damage and theft of vehicle and/or contents. Not only does it cover loss or damage to your company’s vehicle due to fire or theft, it also covers damages to a third party as a result of your actions or your vehicle.

This is the minimum insurance cover in terms of the Road Traffic Act of Zimbabwe, which states that third party insurance is a required in order to license your vehicle. Therefore, every vehicle owner should have this cover as a minimum.  It covers bodily injury or death of third parties (the general public) or damage to third party property as a result of your actions. This cover excludes damage or loss to your company’s vehicle.  We offer two types of third party insurance, with Full Third Party (FTP) having higher limits and benefits, and therefore higher premiums than Third Party (Road Traffic Act).

All the above motor insurance policies may include additional benefits to policies, called riders. These benefits include Motor Vehicle Emergency Services/ Roadside assistance, Funeral cash assistance and Emergency accommodation. We strongly recommend that all motor policies carry all of these additional benefits..

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