Do you have a small business that you want to boost/ expand but have no collateral to finance it?

The Zimnat diaspora guaranteed business loan is a first of its kind in the Zimbabwean microfinance sector offering you a new and exciting way to finance your business with flexible and convenient collateral terms. Your friends and family in the diaspora can now simply guarantee your small business loan application by providing a cash collateral to Zimnat via the SympliFi UK platform and Zimnat will disburse the loan amount to your account.

What are the product features?

  • Relaxed collateral requirements
  • Loan turn-around time of 48 hours
  • Loan amounts of up to ZWL 100,000
  • Your relatives and friends in the diaspora guarantee a loan for your new or existing business in Zimbabwe
  • If you are in the diaspora you can guarantee a small business loan to support a business project back home in Zimbabwe
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Loan tenure can run from 6 -12 months

Who is eligible for the loan?

  • Locally based Zimbabwean entrepreneurs
  • Zimbabweans living in the diaspora seeking to finance business projects back home

How it works

  • You apply for a small business loan to Zimnat online and you will be redirected to the SympliFi platform
  • Upon accessing the SympliFi platform you provide the details of your proposed diaspora guarantor
  • SympliFi contacts your proposed guarantor for confirmation on behalf of Zimnat
  • Zimnat then contacts you for confirmation of loan application and assessment
  • Your guarantor makes a guarantee deposit to Zimnat through the SympliFi platform
  • SympliFi retain custody of the pledged cash collateral on behalf of Zimnat.
  • Zimnat disburses the applied loan amount to your account
  • Upon your successful loan repayment, Zimnat then credits back to the guarantor the pledged cash collateral in full.

How it works

  • You apply to guarantee a Zimnat small business loan via the (SympliFi) application portal and provide the details of your proposed Zimbabwean based beneficiary
  • Zimnat contacts your proposed beneficiary for confirmation of loan application
  • Your Zimbabwean beneficiary then applies for the small business loan through Zimnat.
  • If loan application is successful, Zimnat then credits the loan amount into beneficiary’s account.
  • Upon successful completion of the loan repayment by the beneficiary, Zimnat credits back your pledged cash collateral in full.

How to Apply

  • Click on the link below
  • You will be redirected to the SympliFi platform.
  • Complete the guarantor or Loan application form
  • If guarantee application is successful, Zimnat is notified by SympliFi of your application.
  • Zimnat then notifies loan guarantee beneficiary of the approval of the loan application and funds are disbursed.

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