Our Brief History

Zimnat has been a leading player in the Zimbabwean life assurance and short-term insurance industries since 1946. For over 7 decades, Zimnat has been protecting the assets of Zimbabweans, managing their wealth and ensuring that their assets and funds are passed onto future generations, should that be their wish. The Zimnat group has 4 Business Units: General Insurance, Life Assurance, Asset Management and Microfinance, which means that almost all the financial planning requirements of individuals and companies can be met by the group.

The group has an excellent A- global credit rating for both the life assurance and short-term insurance companies, and an asset base of $92 million.

The Zimnat Group,rebranded to highlight its association with the Sanlam group in March 2017. Sanlam Emerging Markets (SEM), a subsidiary of Sanlam Limited in 2015 acquired a 40% shareholding in the Zimnat Group.

Mustafa Sachak, CEO of the Zimnat Group said “Over the last 71 years, Zimnat has endured a myriad of environmental challenges but has remained strong and committed to protecting our clients’ interests. Our response to the different challenges has been a consistent focus on delivering superior customer experience and maintaining strong ethics and integrity. These are at the core of the Zimnat Group.

“As we scale up for growth in our industry and in the region, we have found a partner in Sanlam who shares our business philosophy, moral principles and work ethos, a partner who believes that “if it’s a job worth doing, it’s a job worth doing very well”.

“The benefits to Zimnat of this partnership are many, among them the knowledge base that we will have access to, with over 15 000 employees and over 75 000 associates around the globe who specialise in the businesses in which we are involved.

Sanlam is a dominant financial services and insurance holding company, listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Sanlam has been in the insurance and life assurance business since 1918.

Zimnat House
Cnr 3rd St & Nelson Mandela
P.O Box 2417

Life Assurance
+263 242 701179/80

General Insurance
+263 242 707582/3/5/6

+263 242 701179/80

18 Wakefield Road

+263 242 707581-6

Zimnat Asset Management
17 Plover Road Mt Pleasant
P.O Box 2417

+263 242 884351/883195
+263 242 882827/883995

Life Assurance:
Suite 7, Manica Centre
118 Herbert Chitepo Street
+263 20 61609/61237

General Insurance:
Suite 2, Manica Centre
118 Herbert Chitepo Street
+263 20 61609/61237

Minerva House
Cnr 14th Ave & G Silundika St

+263 292 76431-3
+263 292 880678-9

N Richards Building
First Floor, Suite 407/408
R.G Mugabe Way

+263 39 262186
+263 39 263228

Shop A
First Floor Pumula Centre
MIPF Building
Parkway Road

+263 83 28 46988

Stanbic House
Stanbic House
45 Nelson Mandela Way

+263 55 25379