Group Life Assurance

Who takes care of your loved ones when you are gone? Imagine if you could still provide for your family from the grave?

How it works:

The Group Life Assurance scheme is an arrangement entered into between the employer and Zimnat Life Assurance, for the benefit of you the employee. Zimnat Life Assurance promises to pay a lump sum death in service benefit to your beneficiaries, in exchange for a premium received from the employer.

Product Benefits:

  • The company effectively manages cash flow by transferring the lump sum payments to Zimnat Life Assurance.
  • Higher life assurance benefits can be used to attract and retain high calibre staff.
  • The benefit retains value as it is linked with inflation.
  • Premiums are a tax-deductible expense for the employer.

Credit Life Assurance

Who protects a loan provider from financial loss in the event of a disability, death or unemployment of the loan policy holder? This is the purpose of Zimnat Credit Life Assurance Scheme.

How it works:

. It is a contract entered into between Zimnat Life Assurance and a loan provider, usually a financial institution, for the benefit of the policyholder, in which Zimnat Life Assurance pays out a lump sum benefit equivalent to the outstanding capital on a loan, on the death or permanent disability of the policyholder.

Product Benefits:

  • Cover commences immediately on receipt of premiums.
  • Death caused by pre-existing conditions is not excluded.
  • Eliminates the need for immediate family members to service a loan left behind by a deceased

Spouses Group Life Cover

This benefit is typically meant to replace income lost as a result of the death of a suppose. The benefit is equal to 50% of the member’s Group Life Cover and is paid as a once off lump sum.

Education Protector

With Zimnat Life Assurance you can secure the educational needs of your employee’s children should an employee pass on. The benefit is equal to 50% of the employee’s Group Life Cover and will be managed by Zimnat and paid in installments directly to the school on a termly basis.

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