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    Global Credit Rating Agency reaffirms Zimnat’s financial stability

    The Global Credit Rating (GCR) has reaffirmed the credit rating for the Zimnat Group’s short-term and life insurance divisions. The group’s short-term insurance division, Zimnat General Insurance, was accorded an AA+ rating for the 3rd year running. This indicated the insurer’s financial stability, and its ability to meet its financial obliga...
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    Borrowing responsibly

    Hello, hello, hello Zimbabwe! Today, we’re talking about responsible borrowing and how it can benefit you in the long run. Now, I know what you’re thinking: borrowing money doesn’t sound like fun at all. But trust me, if you do it responsibly, it can be a smart move. Whether you’re looking to start a business,...
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    Home Insurance

    Protect Your Home Investment this rainy season

    As we experience heavy rains and thunderstorms in our beautiful country, it is essential to take stock of our homes’ safety and security. These rains, while much needed, can cause significant damage to our homes and properties, leaving us with costly repairs and replacements. This is where home insurance comes in as an important and...
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    Funeral Insurance

    Let’s embrace the importance of funeral insurance in Zimbabwe

    Gamuchirai Sibanda “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.” That’s why we’re here today to talk about funeral insurance in Zimbabwe. When it comes to death, it’s not a matter of if, but when. And it’s a t...
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    Funeral Insurance

    Is it important to have funeral insurance in Zimbabwe?

    The answer is YES. The economic challenges that we face have seen a shrinkage in most household disposable incomes. Many people have been forced to reprioritize their expenses, and one of the most common “budget cuts” is directed toward funeral insurance expenses. Whilst this makes sense in the short term as this frees up some...
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    Stockfeed Funeral Cover

    Zimnat partners National Foods to launch Stockfeed Funeral Cover

    Zimnat Life Assurance in partnership with National Foods Stockfeed and Gain Cash and Carry has introduced another exciting innovation that is destined to change the manufacturing, retail, and life assurance industry landscape. The leading Life assurance company, which is a subsidiary of the Zimnat group has partnered with National Foods Stockfeed a...
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    Stockfeed Funeral Cover

    Scamming red flags to look out for!

          Netflix’s latest crime documentary, The Tinder Swindler, has the global public captivated and enraged on behalf of the victims. How did Cecille fall for his scam? How is he not behind bars yet? While private jets, spur-of-the-moment international trips, and threats by ‘enemies’ don’t feature in the majority of scams, Simon Levi...
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    Zimnat Investments Cluster CEO Elizabeth Rabvukwa speaking at the launch

    Sanlam Private Wealth and Zimnat Asset Management Launch Zimnat Wealth International

    Zimnat Asset Management has partnered with Sanlam Private Wealth to provide offshore investment capability This opportunity is not limited to individual investors only but also to Pension Funds and Corporates. Zimnat Asset Management’s unique collaboration with Sanlam Private Wealth seeks to introduce global investment products and solutions to Zim...
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    Zimnat Group Agents

    Zimnat honours its salesforce in ritzy style

        Zimnat, a leading financial services group has once again painted the city green with the return of its glitzy Annual Agents Awards ceremony. The latest edition was held at the prestigious Cresta Lodge in Harare on Friday the 18th  of March 2022. The glamorous event is hosted annually to recognize and celebrate high-performing...
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    Zimnat confident young professional lady

    Zimnat partners Sanlam to award high-flyers in financial journalism

    Zimnat, has today announced the opening of Zimbabwean submissions for the 2021 Sanlam Awards for Excellence in Financial Journalism, one of the leading prizes in Africa recognizing exceptional business journalism since 1974 hosted by its partner organization, Sanlam The awards are open for works in print, radio, television, and online media. Africa...
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    Zimnat Marketing Team at the Exception Marketing Awards Ceremony

    Zimnat scoops lion share of awards

    In a year in which it celebrated its 75th anniversary, Zimnat a leading player in the insurance and wealth management industry made headlines at the 2021 Marketers’ Association of Zimbabwe Exceptional Marketing Awards ceremony in Kariba where it scooped 6 awards. The awards ceremony is held annually in recognition and celebration of excellence for ...
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    Zimnat scoops top 2021 Global Banking and Finance Award

    Zimnat, a leading player in the insurance and wealth management industry for more than seven decades, has been awarded the Best Insurance Brand in Zimbabwe in the 2021 Global Banking and Finance Review awards. The annual business awards which are hosted by the Global Banking and Finance Review magazine are designed to recognize the innovation,...
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    The difference between Life Insurance and Funeral Insurance

                                                                       By                                          ...
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    Zimnat General Insurance Partners MultiChoice Zimbabwe

    Zimnat General Insurance has introduced another first, a new and exciting decoder insurance cover product. The  short term insurance service provider  has partnered with entertainment service provider Skynet Pvt t/a MultiChoice Zimbabwe to come up with a decoder insurance cover that will make life better for customers and expand the company’s produ...
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    Zimnat General CEO demonstrating product use

    Zimnat launches WhatsApp based Motor Insurance Renewal

    Zimnat General Insurance has introduced a WhatsApp based Motor insurance, ZBC radio and ZINARA licence renewal, a service that it’s motor insurance customers can use to renew motor insurance and vehicle licenses. Just like “messaging” on WhatsApp, current Zimnat and new customers can now renew their motor vehicle insurance, ZBC radio and ZINARA lic...
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    THI Insurance acquired by Zimnat General

    Acquisition of THI Insurance by Zimnat General Insurance

      NOTICE IN TERMS OF SECTION 33 OF THE INSURANCE ACT (CHAPTER 24:07) – PROPOSED ACQUISITION OF THI INSURANCE (PRIVATE) LIMITED BY ZIMNAT LION INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED   NOTICE is hereby given in terms of Section 33 of the Insurance Act [Chapter 24:07] that:   Application for Approval of Amalgamation   The respective direc...
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     By Takudzwa Sherekete – Research Manager takudzwas@zam.co.zw COVID – 19 AND ITS IMPACT ON THE GLOBAL ECONOMY The Covid-19 virus has resulted in one of the deepest recessions globally. Most countries are expected to face economic recessions. The worst affected sectors include tourism industry, transportation and construction and real estate. ...
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    Zimnat launches digital magazine

    Zimnat has launched a digital financial services magazine, dubbed “Zimnat Insider”, in its continuous quest to make life better and respond to the environment. This launch of the digital magazine comes at an opportune time where we are faced with a pandemic which calls for social distancing and minimising contact. The Zimnat Insider Magazine is...
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    Zimnat hosts online cocktail party for clients

    Zimnat has found an innovative way to interact with and entertain its clients during the Covid‑19 lockdown, by holding online cocktail parties, which it has branded Gungano/Umhlangano Online Cocktail Parties. The first of these was held today (Friday) for Zimnat Life Assurance corporate customers. More will be held in the coming weeks. Invitations ...
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    Zimnat making life better for Melfort Old People's Home

    Zimnat continues to make life better for the elderly

    Zimnat, has lived to Its promise to continuously support the elderly by providing free motor insurance cover for some of Melfort Old People’s Home vehicles for the year 2020, a continuation from 2019. Located along Mutare Road, in Harare, Melfort Old People’s Home, which is registered with Help Age, accommodates up to 60 elderly residents,...
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    The Awakening of a sleeping giant: Zimnat’s journey of brand transformation.

    By Gamuchirai Sibanda  The story of an exceptional brand reinvigoration process is not complete without a tale of how Zimnat dared to do it and succeeded. This is a remarkable story of how an organisation that had been perceived as  a preserve for the elderly and wealthy managed to turn around its perception in the...
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    Employers can establish schemes to give employees peace of mind

    In an economy facing a shrinking disposable income and personal life insurance is fast becoming an afterthought, the importance of employer assisted insurance schemes has never been more critical. Employer assisted schemes can help employees prepare for the different stages of their lives and that of their families. These schemes help ensure that i...
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    Zimnat legal insurance

    Get the Zimnat Legal Insurance

    Life is journey full of cycles of happiness as well as sorrow and Oscar Wilde once said “to expect the unexpected in life shows a thoroughly modern intellect,” you cannot plan or schedule most of the traumatic life events but all you can do is be prepared for whatever comes your way. In the course...
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    Zimnat Life Assurance

    Life insurance: An expression of altruistic love

    The love for family is an expression of love in its purest form and each family has its own way of expressing that love. One of the common ways’ families show love to one another is by taking care of each other but what would happen if one of them were to die unexpectedly? Would...
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    Zimnat Microfinance

    Lets talk about SMART lending with Zimnat Microfinance

    The Zimbabwean financial services landscape is experiencing some turbulence which as further exacerbated the need for client protection when it comes to microfinance. The current inflationary pressures being experienced in the economy coupled with an increase in the number of players in the microfinance industry leaves borrowers in a rather vulnera...
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    Zimnat promoting work health balance

    By Pamela Mukuze When we think about our offices or workplaces, fitness and work-health balance is not the first thing that comes to mind. Many of us spend our days sitting at our desks looking at computer screens. We may even have lunch at our desks. Encouraging fitness in the workplace can be extremely beneficial...
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    Zimnat helps Providence Pangira fulfil his dream

    Zimnat helps Providence Pangira fulfil his dream

    Zimnat recently lived out its purpose of making life better by setting Providence Pangira on a path of realising his lifelong dream of one day becoming a doctor. Providence who achieved brilliant results at Ordinary and Advanced Level despite his deprived background lacked the funds to go to university and was in August awarded a...
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    Happy family with Zimnat Family Funeral Plan

    Zimnat Family Funeral Plan explained

    By Talent Doroba From the dawn of time men have strived to come up with solutions to life’s challenges that make life better and advance generational development. One of the many ways in which our forefathers safeguarded generational growth was by adopting risk mitigating measures that ensured that the shocks of life were easily absorbed...
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    Zimnat Kwedu/ Ngekhaya

    When the unexpected happens…

    Financial protection through life insurance in the event of death is a topic that often makes people uncomfortable. However, it is not really an entirely unpleasant conversation. With life insurance from Zimnat you can stop worrying and start enjoying cover and peace of mind. Simply put, life insurance is the exchange of a relatively small...
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    Man gets free eye cataract surgery through a Zimnat Initiative

    Zimnat partners PROWEB to offer free cataract removal surgery

    The promotion of health and emotional wellness is a cause that has defined Zimnat’s corporate social footprint as it continues to seek to make life better for the communities in which it operates. Zimnat recently partnered with the Professional Women, Women Executives and Business Women’s Forum (PROWEB) to offer free eye cataract surgery to hundred...