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71 years ago, the journey to being known as Zimnat Life Assurance begin in 1946 when the company was first established. In 1959, the Assurance Company of Rhodesia was formed after ICR purchased a Life Insurance company. TA Holdings, which was founded in 1935 as Tobacco Auctions Limited, took over ICR in 1969.

In 1974 the non-life company was renamed the Rhodesia National Farmers Union Insurance Society. Given this development, the major line of business became farming. As a result, the company was then known in informal sectors as Rhodesia National Insurance (RhoNat).
After the independence of Zimbabwe in 1980, the name of the company changed to Zimnat Insurance Company, still under a composite license. In 1984 Zimnat Life Company was incorporated after the split of the composite company licence thus leaving Zimnat Life Assurance Company and Zimnat Lion Insurance Company.

Why Choose Us

Munyaradzi Javangwe

Chief Executive Officer

"I firmly believe that there are no shortcuts in life – if you try and take shortcut, you will usually end up cut short in whatever you are trying to achieve. Zimnat Life Assurance has a solid, dependable nature that is solidly grounded in integrity and trust. That is why I’m delighted to have Sanlam as our new business partner in the Zimnat group as they share the same core belief that we do – if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing very well."

Zimnat House
Cnr 3rd St & Nelson Mandela
P.O Box 2417

Life Assurance
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Zimnat Asset Management
17 Plover Road Mt Pleasant
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Life Assurance:
Suite 7, Manica Centre
118 Herbert Chitepo Street
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Minerva House
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MIPF Building
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Stanbic House
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