Let Zimnat protect you and your family against the cost of an accident

While there's no way to prevent all accidents from happening, we can take steps to protect you, financially, from the inconvenience they can cause. Personal accident insurance can pay a lump sum benefit if you suffer one of the listed injuries – helping you cope financially while you recover. We also offer a Hospital Cash plan which gives you the benefit of cash for every day that you or your loved ones are hospitalised.

Personal Accident

Personal accident covers against accidental death or bodily injury to individuals caused by external violent and visible means. It compensates on any loss of body parts or death, as well as loss of ability to attend duties due to injury

Hospital Cash

To cushion your pocket against medical treatment and expenses from unforeseen accident or illness our Hospital Cash gives you the benefit cash for every day that you or your loved ones are hospitalized. The policy will provide you with hospital cash after 48 hours’ continuous hospitalization ensuring that you have peace of mind

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