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    St Christopher Hatcliffe Zimnat CSr

    Zimnat Assists Hatcliffe Centre

    Zimnat handed over bed linen, an examination bed and a storage container, together worth more than $7 000, to St Christopher’s Children with Disability Centre in Hatcliffe, which provides services for children with disabilities. The storage container is for storing equipment and various materials used at the centre. St Christopher’s Children with D...
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    Zimnat Underinsurance

    Have you checked if you are under-insured?

    The recent Monetary Policy Statement by the Reserve Bank Governor and the increase in prices in the market have led to speculative behaviour among most suppliers, resulting in an upsurge in property values. Motor vehicle owners and sellers have not been spared this trend. It is imperative that your assets are insured for the correct...
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    Zimnat Charity Marathon Cebisani Ndlovu

    Zimnat Marathon Raises $7 000 For Cebisani Ndlovu’s Surgery

    Zimnat’s first charity marathon, which was held at Barclays Sports Club in Harare on November 10, managed to raise almost the whole amount originally quoted for 30-year-old Bulawayo resident Cebisani Ndlovu’s spinal cord surgery. When Mr Ndlovu approached Zimnat for assistance, the amount needed at that time for the surgery at Mater Dei Hospital in...
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    Zimnat Asset Management

    Zimnat Asset Management Customises Investment Management

    Zimnat Asset Management (ZAM) provides carefully constructed, individually customised and separately managed accounts. These discretionary and non-discretionary portfolios allow clients to define their own parameters for returns and liquidity based on their risk tolerance, cash flow needs and investment horizon. A research team holds detailed discu...
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    Pinktober Breast Cancer Awareness Month Zimnat

    Pinktober: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Taking place annually throughout the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month aims to raise awareness about the disease and raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. While the general public are often aware of the conditions much more action needs to be taken to support the public in reducing their...
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    Motor Insurance Zimnat

    Choosing The Right Motor Vehicle Insurance

    With so many insurance companies offering different types of vehicle insurance, buying a car insurance policy for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. You need to choose the best policy to cover your vehicle in the event of an incident. What we should clearly point out is that as the insurance coverage increases,...
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    Zimnat Customer Service Week 2018

    Zimnat Customer Service Week 2018

    What is Customer Service Week? Customer Service Week (CSW) is an international event celebrated world-wide (Zimbabwe included) every year during the first full week of October. The event is devoted to recognizing the importance of customer service and honouring people who serve and support customers with the highest degree of care and professionali...
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    Zimnat old age black couple

    Plan To Enjoy Your Old Age

    Retirement Planning Helps Ensure Old Age Is Enjoyed, Not Endured Most people see life insurance primarily as a way to protect families in the event of the early loss of a bread winner during his or her working years. However, it can be so much more than that if incorporated in a retirement plan. Remember...
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    Zimnat black man and woman

    Asset Management Holds Key To Long-Term Financial Planning

    In an effort to make life better, the Zimnat Group offers services essential for prudent wealth management, from insuring wealth to providing short-term financing solutions and long-term financial planning. This article seeks to explore the aspect of long-term financial planning. It demystifies the term “Asset Management”, as well as who needs it a...
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    Zimnat Billboard Campaign

    Zimnat Launches Innovative Billboard Campaign

    Zimnat has launched an innovative advertising campaign to let people know some of the ways in which it can make their life better, through the customer friendly insurance and finance services it offers. Billboards have now been added to the campaign, which has already been promoted through television and the print media. The emphasis is...
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    GMB Explosion Victims Zimnat

    Zimnat Assists GMB Explosion Victims

    Representatives of the Zimnat Group last week visited survivors of the explosion at the Grain Marketing Board’s Lion’s Den depot and relatives of those who lost their lives in the explosion. They donated, on Zimnat’s behalf, $500 to each family. At least four GMB employees lost their lives in the explosion, while three were seriously...
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    Property Damage Cover Zimnat

    Your Business Needs Cover

    Zimnat in its effort to make life better will today explore exposures that may threaten the profitability and survival of a business and the respective insurance covers to ensure that business is protected at all times. It’s written with the small to medium enterprises that are sustaining the majority of the Zimbabwean economy in mind....
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    Zimnat Harare Agricultural Show Award 2018

    Zimnat Wins Award For First Time Exhibitor

    The Zimnat Group, which exhibited this year at the Harare Agricultural Show for the first time, won the Best First Commercial Exhibit in Any Sector Award for its stand. Its stand was judged the best from among more than 100 new entrants in this category. The entire Zimnat group, including its general insurance, life assurance...
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    Micro Finance Solutions Zimnat

    Zimnat Provides Micro Finance

    Zimnat prides itself on being a provider of simple yet very necessary solutions to its clients. For instance, we believe that one of our client’s biggest values is education so we set out to ensure this need is met. It is no secret that a good education has the power to make life better. Today’s...
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    Zimnat At The Harare Agricultural Show 2018

    Zimnat Exhibits At Harare Agricultural Show For First Time

    Zimnat is marking its inaugural participation in the Harare Agricultural Show by providing visitors to the show with the opportunity to sign up for an insurance policy and to win branded Zimnat prizes in a variety of ways. Its stand is similar to any of its offices both in ambience and in the service offered...
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    Hackathon Students Rewarded by Zimnat

    Zimnat Rewards Students Who Participated In Hackathon

    Zimnat, one of the country’s leading insurance groups, yesterday rewarded students from the Harare Institute of Technology who took part in a hackathon that the company organised. A hackathon is a competitive event where people work collaboratively in groups on software or even hardware projects with the aim of creating a functioning product by the...
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    Happy African family Zimnat Life Assurance

    When The Unexpected Happens…

    The topic on financial protection against uncertainties through life insurance in the event of death often makes people uncomfortable. However, it is not an unpleasant conversation after all, it is actually a worthwhile topic that you will live to smile about. With life insurance from Zimnat, you can stop worrying and start enjoying cover. Simply...
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    Domestic Insurance Tailor-Made For You

    Have you worked hard to build your home and buy the furniture? Unforeseen disasters like fires and floods can take away your lifetime savings and efforts in just minutes. Such occurrences make you realise how invaluable home insurance is. Although it tends to be a begrudging purchase, it really is wise to set aside a...
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    Build Your Dream House With Our Micro-Housing Solution

    Are you struggling to build your house? Do you have a stand and don’t have money to start building? Do you want to buy a stand but your savings are not adding up? Worry not Zimnat is here to turn that dream house into a reality. As Zimnat our mission is “Making Life better” and...
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    Zimnat Trade Credit Conference Team

    Zimnat Trade Credit Conference

    The inaugural Zimnat’s Trade Finance and Credit Insurance Conference was held on the 8th June 2018 - view presentations and highlights from the conference here. ...
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    2017 Zimnat Life Agency Awards

    2017 Zimnat Life Agents Awards

    There was pomp and funfair at Cresta Lodge on the 9th of March where Zimnat Life Assurance was giving away prizes to agents who excelled in 2017. Find out which agents who scooped the awards! ...
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    ZImnat black man doing a presentation

    The No Claims Bonus Experience from Zimnat

    July 2013 saw the exciting launch of a first ever to be seen in Zimbabwe, the No Claims Bonus Funeral Cash Plan by Zimnat. The product was well received and this year our clients will get to experience this added benefit on their policy as we make our maiden payments. ...
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    Zimnat Fitness Gear and Healthy Food

    Strange But True Health Tips

    Your health is your wealth and you should invest in your wealth just as much as you invest for your future. There’s an easy recipe if your goal is to keep away problems like heart disease and strokes....
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    Zimnat black couple sealing a deal

    Let’s Get To Understand The Zimnat Group Products

    There are several products that the Zimnat Group offers. In this column, we will be taking you through some of the products offered by the group, benefit structures and why you should get them. ...
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    The Zimnat Digital Journey

    The Zimnat Digital Journey

    The internet has taken over as the source of information for anything that people need to know. No wonder all the talk around us is about the digital age, internet of things, big data, the list goes on....
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    Paula Thaka Zimnat Internal Auditor

    Personality Of The Quarter – Paula Thaka

    In this section, we bring you up close and personal with some of the Zimnat staff, so you get to know the person behind the face you see everyday in the office. In this edition, we profile Paula Thaka, from the Audit department in the Zimnat Life Assurance....
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    Zimnat young lady sitting in a car

    Personal Image

    The story of your life starts with your personal image. What's my story? Is a question that we all need to ask ourselves and when you look at your life so far, do you feel happy with what you see? ...
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    Zimnat young couple and daughter

    Economic Developments and Impact on Financial Planning

    Zimbabwe is going through an economic transformation arising out of the political developments of 14 November 2017 which saw the change of leadership in the Government. ...